We offer different ready-made engineering products such as HVAC products for ventilations, different types of pumps, construction machines (backhoe, forklifter, lifter) mechanical apparatuses such as conveyors, escalators, elevators, boilers and cold storage.

We design and fabricate different engineering machines according to our client’s specifications.

Development of machine learning for robotics in various industry applications.

We also offer automated security for home and commercial purposes such as standalone attendance monitoring and facial recognition attendance and security monitoring devices.

Paver Block Machine

Ventilation Products

Electrical Products



Cold Storage


We SELL bended ducts and air vents for HVAC. Pnuematic Concrete Paver machine, CHB making machines, Step Up TRANSFORMERS and MCCBs. We design and build conveyors and mechanical passenger lifts. We LEASE OUT boom trucks Hoisting motors and many other engineering equipments