Our construction and management process goes beyond the proprietor’s plans and objectives through well-defined and stable procedures and methods as utilized by a highly talented development team, particularly chosen for each project based relevant to their knowledge, skills and experience.

Specialization in public and private superstructure, infrastructure, designing, building, structural concrete pre-casting and actual casting at the project site.

  1. Industrial Projects / Civil Works – roads, railways, buildings, water reservoirs, airports, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels, and dams.
  2. Residential and Commercial – houses , apartments, warehouses, buildings, restaurants, rest houses, beach resorts, and many more.

Discussion about the precise details and feasibility of the project in mind. Consultations that comprises of layout assessment, scheduling, budgeting, and ocular inspection upon requests.

Provides comprehensive and easy to understand presentation of estimates and quotations prior to the execution, aligned to the expertise of our in-house professionals.


Steel Works

The Masonic Center

Aluminum Composite Panel & Glass Enclosure

CAS Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Swimming Pool

Farm Stead

Restaurant Space


We SELL bended ducts and air vents for HVAC. Pnuematic Concrete Paver machine, CHB making machines, Step Up TRANSFORMERS and MCCBs. We design and build conveyors and mechanical passenger lifts. We LEASE OUT boom trucks Hoisting motors and many other engineering equipments